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Who You Gonna Call?


After watching more television that I am sure is healthy, I often worried about who I might call should I need to say, “I’d like my lawyer.” My work as a CPA, in general, and specifically as a forensic accountant has helped me realize that there are many different situations in which a lawyer can make life a lot easier (and they are not always terrible situations). Just last week, I was talking about the importance of seeking out a qualified professional. It is important to have an idea what kind of help you need so you get the right professional for that need.

It is mind-blowing how many types of lawyers there are. Lawyers may specialize in criminal law, family law, mergers and acquisitions. You can call them to help you put together a lease and you can call them to help you decipher a lease. They can be the expert you hire when you are establishing a business or if you are trying to dissolve a business. In all these, and the countless other situations that are connected to the law, hiring a good lawyer who has knowledge and experience in the matter at hand could save you money and stress in the future. It would not be wise to hire a property lawyer to represent you in a criminal case and vice versa.

In addition to knowing the law, good lawyers will recognize when they need to work with an expert. For example, in the dissolution of a business, lawyers will call upon a business valuation expert. The lawyers may know the legalities involved in the dissolution but the lawyers also know that, in order to best serve their clients, they need to engage the services of a qualified financial professional. The relationships between lawyers and experts, including financial forensic experts, is a very important one. It is important for all parties involved in a legal matter to understand what everyone brings to the table.

Because a lawyer advocates for their client, the lawyer is who you need when you need a friend. Your lawyer will work very hard to best represent you. Your lawyer’s goal, in a nutshell, is to resolve the matter in your favor. In the process of giving you the best representation, your lawyer may call upon an industry expert. In financial matters, this expert is likely to be a forensic accountant and probably one who is certified in financial forensics. Because a forensic accountant advocates for the truth, the lawyer will engage the forensic expert to find and present the truth in your case. The forensic accountant deciphers complicated financial issues, seeks out the truth in those matters and presents them in a straightforward manner that is suitable for a court of law. Your lawyer, your friend, will find you a well-qualified expert who will take your complicated legal issue and present it as a set of uncomplicated, unbiased facts. In this way, your lawyer and the forensic experts that your lawyer engages will work together on your legal matter.

So when you need someone on your side, call your lawyer. Your lawyer will work hard to get the truth of your case out in a clear and uncomplicated manner. The best lawyers will know to call unbiased, qualified experts who will advocate for the truth and know how to make the truth clear, properly supported and at a standard acceptable in court.

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