My Two Cents What's Going On?

Take The Wheel

big_sandwichI am a take charge kind of person. My friends call me The Sheriff and my husband even gave me a sheriff badge that I wear occasionally. It is hardly a surprise that I have turned out this way – I come from take charge stock. My father was a corporate CEO and my mother, after being in charge of several things, now is in charge of a farm. I like to be in control of the situations that I am in and I have been known to give my opinion on things before being asked. Sometimes, while traveling around the city, despite my lack of a sense of direction, I am always happy to try to give directions to lost strangers. I do try to make myself as qualified as possible to take charge by accumulating incredible amounts of generally useless information in my head. However, every so often, that information that I thought was just taking up space in my brain comes in handy and helps me sheriff a situation.

All that said, time and experience have taught me that I cannot not possibly know everything and that, sometimes, there are people who are better at doing something than I am. At times like that, I have had to learn to step back and let someone else take the wheel. Today is Super Bowl Sunday and, as become customary, my husband and I host a party. Due to a lot of the reading that I do and my attempts to lead an active and healthy life, I then to be very particular about the food in our home and also about how things are ordered and operated in the kitchen. On Super Bowl Sunday, though, James makes the main dish of the event – his legendary chili. On Super Bowl Sunday, James is particular about how the television and seating is placed, so that people can actually watch the game. On Super Bowl Sunday, James creates the crazy questions for the game pool. He takes charge and I take directions. I am happy to do this because his superior skills in these areas are what make our Super Bowl party so awesome.

Recognizing where and when you need the assistance of an expert is vital to survival, be it the survival of your business or the survival of your personal assets. We are in the midst of tax season and, even though I am a CPA and, although many of my friends and family believe that means I am a tax whiz, I know that we shall be taking our rather complicated financial information to a CPA who specializes, not just in taxes, but particularly in the industry that James is in. I know a lot about taxes but it is not my specialty and, as we all know, the tax code is a complicated one. Whether you are dealing with getting your tax return prepared, a business valuation issue or a workplace fraud, you will get the best results when you find the right person to take charge. It will be worth the time and expense when you do this. For trying to take short cuts or do it yourself may end up costing you more in the long run, both in time and money.

I am able to sit and write because someone else has taken the wheel, but now I must dash because the doorbell just rang and the game is about to start. I could get used to giving up control, especially if that comes with delicious chili and a gigantic sandwich.

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