Figuring The F Student


I am Rumbi Bwerinofa-Petrozzello, The F Student. Inspired by Harriet the Spy, I grew up to become a CPA, Certified in Financial Forensics. What does that mean? Well, for starters, it means that, despite the stereotypes about what a CPA is, I do not do taxes. What I do get to do is take my accounting and auditing skills and throw in a healthy mix of my love of solving puzzles and mysteries and top that off with my interest in, and knowledge about, the legal system. My firm, Rock Forensics, LLC, works with businesses and individuals to resolve financial forensic matters and provide solutions to improve their business and operations. If I can help you resolve your complex financial issues, improve efficiency in your business and prevent, detect and deter fraud and error, then I am having a great day.

The result, I share with you – my news and views of the world of financial forensics (and some off-topic sidebars, I’m sure). Together we can study and figure this thing called Financial Forensics.

4 replies on “Figuring The F Student”

Hello Amy – thank you so much for your kind words. It is great to read that you enjoy reading my work, even when I write about you. I do believe that you bring great lessons about control issues in business and it is fantastic that you spend time sharing your experiences. I do hope to see you on this website in the future.


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